Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's about time

This painting has several new applications of my latest exploration of mediums for my "textural abstracts" series. It is on 300lb (heavy and high quality) paper 22"x 30." After a layer of gesso, I applied a thick mixture acrylics-turquoise, fluid interference green, a pale olive green, and buff white-i did not even thoroughly blend it at all, as I wanted different shades and streaks of the individual colors. Next, after taping off large sections, I added (Golden) fluid acrylic Nickel Azo Gold (I love this color), Nickel Azo Yellow, interference Gold, and, for some viscosity, Antique gold. I let it dry and then repeated certain steps- as well as adding more fluid interference green.
Finally, I added a new "string gel medium" by Liquitex- and I know I will definitely be experimenting with it again. Finished it with A UV protective gloss varnish.
Only 225.00 (plus shipping)
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Monday, November 17, 2008


This is acrylic paints/mediums,gels,and glazing, and more on a 16"x20"x.75" back stapled (sides painted) canvas.
There are many extrusions on top of one very heavy bodied
"yellow Ochre/Sienna/gold fluid interference mix"( as the base coat).
I love those fluid interferences by Golden...add them to anything to change, slightly alter, or completely re-charged whatever you are getting yourself into-"color speaking...of course."
I am still looking at it...I have three more getting going.

Only $175.00 (plus shipping)
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On another note, My B-day was on NOV 11th-Yes, I share that with all our Veterans -And humbly so- as it is known as our "Veterans Day"-a day when all the men and women who gave their lives, courage, and hearts to keep us safer, is respectfully recognized on the level they deserve.
So, as I am coming out of my post b-day lull of quiet thoughts, pensive dreams, and the subtle interpretation of my latest images...I sense my next creative cycle is coming together...this time I am doing it with a bit of sketching, particularly over the last four days into this Monday.
"Textural Abstracts" needs the final few....Work to do.
Until then.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

My latest discovery....

I have to share the latest blog I have discovered and just give it some serious due credit. It by an Artist for artists.
Not only is it what I would definitely call an "Authority Blog"-(my opinion is biased of course-because I am now a regular reader of this site).
That said, it is full of art related subjects-from her own art posts, to Internet marketing, as well as links to many resourceful sites (some even to her own groups) as well as to topics on sketching...and much more. Check it out.
The link is:

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Acrylic paint and mediums-gloss gel, paste, and glaze on canvas 9"x12"x.75"
Violet and iridescent pearl layers are transparent enough for the Celtic transfers to still be seen.
Lots of texture and the "opalescent" effect is the final stage.
Very pretty...
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shimmer & paper II

Acrylic on paper 14"x14"
COA from Ebsq.
Only $100.00 (includes shipping)
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shimmer and paper

Acrylic paint on paper
10"x 10". Sienna and Umber mixed with Iridescent and interference gold fluid acrylics (Golden) make a thick first layer that while still wet, I made textured shapes that dried into to the lines and shapes. Then I added additional tones -bronze and copper-with black lines and imprints.
Finished with UV protective gloss varnish.
$75.00 (includes shipping)
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acrylic on canvas 16x20, gloss finsh