Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tornado in box

Acrylic paint and mediums on 16"x20" back stapled canvas.
Antique gold, gold, umber, Golden's fluid acrylic Azo gold, fluid Nickel Azo yellow, and fluid iridescent gold made a base, unmixed, and full of streaks to let dry. This is an abstract painting in what I would call its most rudimentary form. No forethought, no planning- i painted completely unstructured. I later returned to it and added some pale olive with just a touch of turquoise, golds, and interference green. The black textured "string gel," intertwined with a copper colored gel medium, has me still passing by it as I work on other paintings, pausing with the thought-Is this done? Or in need of a total makeover??

Monday, December 29, 2008


This is the final piece in "Textural Abstracts" Series.
It is on heavy, quality paper 18"x24." Gesso on both sides and left to dry.
Then i sanded the side I would paint. The first layer was gold, Yellow Ochre, Buff white, interference Gold, Iridescent pearl.
I left a heavy layer of those acrylic colors, and let it dry. I lightly sanded the entire piece, before I taped off the sections I would paint. A light dry brush application of Burnt Umber , followed by Crimson, pale olive green, always sanding after applying, so as to sand it slightly wet.
I added a string gel medium with black acrylic and fluid interference green to texture and detail the edges. Celtic symbols are throughout the painting, glazes under them and then cover them....
Finished with a UV protective gloss varnish.
COA from EBSQ.
If interested click: HERE

Monday, December 15, 2008

Language of Time

This is a painting on 300lb heavy, quality paper-22"x30".
After applying
Gesso on both sides, I laid a base coat of Umber, crimson, & Golden's fluid interference green- and then sanded it while still slightly wet.
After letting it dry, I applied different colors, a string gel medium (you can actually pour on -consistency is like honey) and then an acrylic glaze. Some steps I repeated. This may still be a work in progress...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Signs of History

I have several more finished paintings from my series "Textural Abstracts" that are finished and in need of uploading...This is on High quality, 260Lb heavy paper 15"x20" with Lots of texture. Acrylic colors are Umber, Sienna with Gold and interference Greens, and yellow ochre with gold and more Raw sienna...A little bit Cerulean blue is coming through-as my first base coat was cooler tones, until adding the many layers of aforementioned colors...
Finished w/ UV protective gloss varnish.
Certified Authentic by Ebsq-and comes with COA.

Only $175.00
(plus shipping)
My On-line gallery (100% secure check-out): HERE
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's about time

This painting has several new applications of my latest exploration of mediums for my "textural abstracts" series. It is on 300lb (heavy and high quality) paper 22"x 30." After a layer of gesso, I applied a thick mixture acrylics-turquoise, fluid interference green, a pale olive green, and buff white-i did not even thoroughly blend it at all, as I wanted different shades and streaks of the individual colors. Next, after taping off large sections, I added (Golden) fluid acrylic Nickel Azo Gold (I love this color), Nickel Azo Yellow, interference Gold, and, for some viscosity, Antique gold. I let it dry and then repeated certain steps- as well as adding more fluid interference green.
Finally, I added a new "string gel medium" by Liquitex- and I know I will definitely be experimenting with it again. Finished it with A UV protective gloss varnish.
Only 225.00 (plus shipping)
If interested click: HERE.

Monday, November 17, 2008


This is acrylic paints/mediums,gels,and glazing, and more on a 16"x20"x.75" back stapled (sides painted) canvas.
There are many extrusions on top of one very heavy bodied
"yellow Ochre/Sienna/gold fluid interference mix"( as the base coat).
I love those fluid interferences by Golden...add them to anything to change, slightly alter, or completely re-charged whatever you are getting yourself into-"color speaking...of course."
I am still looking at it...I have three more getting going.

Only $175.00 (plus shipping)
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On another note, My B-day was on NOV 11th-Yes, I share that with all our Veterans -And humbly so- as it is known as our "Veterans Day"-a day when all the men and women who gave their lives, courage, and hearts to keep us safer, is respectfully recognized on the level they deserve.
So, as I am coming out of my post b-day lull of quiet thoughts, pensive dreams, and the subtle interpretation of my latest images...I sense my next creative cycle is coming together...this time I am doing it with a bit of sketching, particularly over the last four days into this Monday.
"Textural Abstracts" needs the final few....Work to do.
Until then.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

My latest discovery....

I have to share the latest blog I have discovered and just give it some serious due credit. It by an Artist for artists.
Not only is it what I would definitely call an "Authority Blog"-(my opinion is biased of course-because I am now a regular reader of this site).
That said, it is full of art related subjects-from her own art posts, to Internet marketing, as well as links to many resourceful sites (some even to her own groups) as well as to topics on sketching...and much more. Check it out.
The link is:

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Acrylic paint and mediums-gloss gel, paste, and glaze on canvas 9"x12"x.75"
Violet and iridescent pearl layers are transparent enough for the Celtic transfers to still be seen.
Lots of texture and the "opalescent" effect is the final stage.
Very pretty...
Click HERE.

shimmer & paper II

Acrylic on paper 14"x14"
COA from Ebsq.
Only $100.00 (includes shipping)
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shimmer and paper

Acrylic paint on paper
10"x 10". Sienna and Umber mixed with Iridescent and interference gold fluid acrylics (Golden) make a thick first layer that while still wet, I made textured shapes that dried into to the lines and shapes. Then I added additional tones -bronze and copper-with black lines and imprints.
Finished with UV protective gloss varnish.
$75.00 (includes shipping)
If interested Email me
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shadow Secrets

I pulled out a canvas from 2006-one that already had loads of paint, one that- other than thick and interesting with texture, was just waiting for the right "new idea."
Here it is.
I did not even use Gesso-as I laid a heavy layer of white, a little black, silver, blue interference
(Golden's Fluid acrylics),
and some iridescent pearl (also Golden). Without even mixing much, I just used my wide brush loaded with the paint and laid a thick layer-Then made texture with with the deep mix, while leaving some black to paint "wet on wet" the few (now gray) lines before stopping to let it dry and take time to observe it...
Next came Crimson half thrown onto the piece-and droplets of fluid iridescent gold and coarse silver straight from the bottle...
Finished with UV protective gloss varnish. Canvas is 22"x28" .75" depth.
COA from EBsq.
$300 (includes shipping in US)
If Interested email me HERE
or go directly to my GALLERY

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The Colorist: Decisiveness - Drawing the Line

The Colorist: Decisiveness - Drawing the Line

"Casey Klahn-Characteristics and Goals"

Casey Klahn, the talented pastelist and artist, is doing a series of posts that are as interesting as they are informative. He has a whole section on Matisse and Integrity-to this week on "Characteristics and Goals." Well worth reading!!
Here is a small part from today's post:
by Casey Klahn

In the post, Characteristics & Goals, we began a path of exploring some traits that it would behoove the fine artist to acquire. See the traits posts here.

The artist that I aspire to be has:

Creative Integrity
Self Understanding


Matisse said something to the order of, "Make your lines decisive!" Unfortunately I have lost the attribution to this quote, but our great Modernist is known for his superb rendering of the simple, graceful and purposeful line.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Portrait of Melody

This the third painting in my "Textural Abstract" series. It is acrylic paint and mediums on 24" x .75" x30" canvas.
Earth tones mixed with Gold-leaf and textured images painted with acrylic interference green, on layers of glazes (Golden Acrylics) with gold, burnt umber and sienna...This is a multi-layered and mixed media piece that may still be "a work in progress."
I have several more unfinished pieces, and with that, it is back to the easel!
$250.00 (shipping included)
If interested-click HERE
Or you may email me directly: HERE

Monday, October 20, 2008


This is the second painting in a series of "Textural Abstracts." It is on quality heavy (300 lbs) paper 15"x20." From gold-leaf, acrylic interference green and gold paint, to heavy gloss and matte gels, this is earth tones mixed with shimmers of colors and peaks of texture throughout the painting. The edges are burnt umber and sienna with a grid-"comb-like" texture-that goes around the entire piece.
COA from Ebsq.
If interested click: HERE

Friday, October 17, 2008

peaks n' valleys...

This is the first post in several weeks for me...I have spent this time working with mediums-heavy gloss, modeling paste, matte medium, and more. It was quite a bit more of a challenge than I even knew...I have done many "pieces," but I wouldn't call them paintings-yet.
Golden Acrylics sent me some samples to try of their new "Open" acrylic line of paint, and I will have comments soon.
This piece is a very different style for me-it is on canvas 16"x20" with impasto textural effects that the monitor isn't really able to completely show.
I will keep working on all the new artwork, and hopefully they will be posted soon.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

earth at rest IIII

This makes # 4-
Acrylic on canvas 9"x12" Acrylic paint by Golden and Utrecht. Finished with a UV protective gloss varnish.
ONLY $ 150 (shipping included!!!)
If interested you may email me HERE
Or go to My on-line gallery (secure checkout) at YESSY

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

earth at rest III

Acrylic on canvas 9"x12"
Finshed w/ UV protective gloss varnish.
All four sides painted, signed on front and
Only $150.00 (plus shipping)
Email me Or -
go to Yessy

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blue Jays

Using pumice stone and molding pastes (by Golden),
I added some color while the mediums were still wet and using the other end of the paint brush-the handle side
I drew into the "mash" lines and curves until I had the birds-as good as I could since the mixture was drying fast...And then I let it dry and brought it to my blog-as something a bit different...
Only $75.00 (shipping included)
Email me HERE
COA by Ebsq.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

earth, divided

Acrylic paint and mediums make this heavily textured painting on 300lb quality paper-15"x20". Signed, titled, and dated on the back. Finished with two coats of UV protective gloss varnish. COA from Ebsq.
Only $150 (plus shipping)
If interested you may email me: HERE
you can go to YESSY

Monday, September 22, 2008

Notes of gold

Acrylic paints and interference-gold, bronze,copper, and even silver make this large abstract piece full of half lines and semi circles-and if you look closely, "whole notes and even a treble clef"-reminiscent of my musical back round. Finished with a UV protective gloss varnish.
COA from Ebsq.
Only $150.00 (plus shipping)
Email me OR go to YESSY

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This is, admittedly, a busy piece. However, being emotionally charged and created that way, it is, as the tittle suggests, a visual version of "living in suspicions." It is about the chaos created when "loss of trust" occurs.
It is acrylic on 18"x24" heavy paper. Finished w/ UV protective gloss varnished and COA from Ebsq.
Interested? Go to: YESSY

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

City Tapestry

This a "shimmer and sparkle" Painting...
Acrylics on heavy paper-18"x24" with a 1/2" white border (unpainted) around entire peice. Finished with two coats of UV protective gloss varnish.
Certified "authentic" by Ebsq.
Only $150.00 (plus shipping)
You may email me HERE.
or go to my secure on-line gallery HERE

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Coppershiner II

This is acrylic on paper -15"x20". Lots of gold and even "stainless steel silver" make this geometrical designed piece intertwine with copper, shades of gold, and bronze...
100$ (includes shipping)
You can email me HERE
Or, go to YESSY (my on-line gallery and SECURE checkout)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

BitterSweet II

Acrylics on 18"x24" heavy paper-More textures, gold, red, and turquoise tones makes this a worthy follow up to the first painting, of which this is a "part of."
This also needs to be framed-but definitely worth it!Full of warm and cool tones! COA by EBSQ. Finished w/ UV protective gloss varnish!
Only $$ 150.00 if interested:
Click: Yessy (my on-line gallery) to purchase Or,
you can email me: HERE

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Acrylics on 18"x24" heavy paper-textures, gold, red, and turquoise tones make this peice my latest favorite.
Needs to be framed-but definitly worth it!
Full of warm and cool tones!
Finished w/ UV protective gloss varnish!
Only $150.00 (includes shipping)
Email me HERE
Or, go to my on-line gallery at:

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fury in Violet

Acrylics on 11"x15" paper-Turquoise, violet/magenta, and bronze make this another addition to my late August, "A Painting a Day" series. Finished w/ a UV protective gloss varnish. Certified "Authentic" (COA) by Ebsq.
Only $75.00 (includes shipping)
Email me: HERE
Or go to: Yessy

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Planet on Fire

Another "mini"painting-acrylic on paper 9"x11."
Finished w/ UV protective gloss varnish.
COA from Ebsq.
Only $ 75.00 (includes shipping)
Email me HERE

Thursday, August 21, 2008

In utero

Acrylic on canvas board-8"x6" -lots of texture & Vibrant!!
only $ 75.00
If interested-Email me
Or go to:
COA from EBSQ...

splash o' spring II

I took a week or so off...But I am back with these latest little "pieces" -Gems.
Acrylic on paper-this one is 9"x9"-As ALWAYS, it is finished w/ a UV protective gloss varnish...
Only $65.00 (includes shipping) if interested:
Email me HERE.

C in abstraCt

Acrylic on 9"x9" paper .
Finished w/ UV protective gloss varnish.
Only $65.00 (shipping included)
Email me here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sun and Moon

Acrylic on canvas board 8"x14"-more texture, and cool tones. Finished with UV protective varnish.
100$ (includes shipping)
Email me Here
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Acrylic paint and mediums on 9"x11" canvas board. Lots of texture amidst tones both cool and warm...finished w/ UV protective varnish.
100$ (includes shipping)
Email me HERE.
or go to my gallery (online) by clicking on title...

splash of spring

This is acrylic on paper 8"x8" I am beginning another series of a month of "daily paintings." Since I paint daily, I decided to post the smaller works that I have accumulated and again offer them at a lower price than my "larger abstract pieces."
$65 plus shipping
email me here

Monday, August 11, 2008

Casey Klahn

I want to congratulate my favorite Pastelist-Casey Klahn on his "Brilliante Weblog Award" : PollockstheBollocks.
His blog is full of great reading, information on other artists, as well as his own unique and original paintings. He is an avid Wolf Kahn follower, as well as other "late, great, 20th century Abstract Expressionists and more-Both some of Casey's collection and more on Wolf Kahn (quotes, interviews, his work, etc) can be found HERE.
This particular page has some of Casey's finest work: "sketches of Barns" and, one of my many favorites: Italian Olive Grove .
In short, Casey Klahn: Don't miss this artist!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

After August

Acrylic on canvas -
16"x 20"w/ .75" depth.
Finished with UV protective gloss varnish...
COA certified.
Warm, earth tones...

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Textured abstract painting with acrylic paint and mediums to create a "sculpted" piece. It is on 9"x12" heavy paper, and finished with UV protective gloss varnish.
Only $100.00 (plus shipping) if interested you may
Email me or go to my on-line gallery (secure PayPal checkout):

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Project 2

Another small piece I decided to post....Layers of paint, and slight textures throughtout this "project 2" -It is 8"x11"
and layers of gold, paint, interference, copper at the edge...crimson circles, silver /blue afloat this gold dry-washed surface...


I am not sure what this is, exactly...I do a lot of small pieces, half drawings, half paintings-but don't really know where to "put" them.
This is a by-product of the book I am reading right now,
called, "Acrylic Revolution." I am exploring many of the techniques, often at night, on smaller well as bringing it into my larger endeavors...
adding new angles to what I may already know...I need some experimentation to keep from getting this small "wickedTree" is only 9"x11" on paper...acrylics, gels, texture, and interference colors...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Top ten for last 9 days....

"Once again, on July 29th, this Artwork titled
"prayers for paint" by NYC painter Julianne Richards will be featured all day
on the homepage of ."
-Artscad Team
....Well, I guess they like this one...
thank you...

dream catcher

Acyrlics on 18"x24" heavy paper-COA from EBSQ.
Finished with UV protective gloss varnish-
Original, quality peice. A Gem!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Flint River Gallery Journal: 5 Easy Steps to Improving your Color Harmony in Oil or Acrylic Paintings

Flint River Gallery Journal: 5 Easy Steps to Improving your Color Harmony in Oil or Acrylic Paintings

Cindy Davis

I must share an artist who I have found-or we found ech other, of all places on "Twitter." Just so happens she is from my home state of many years ago, good 'ol Georgia. The link at the bottom of this post (blog) is full of "Interesting Art subjects"-this is just one of her many topics concerning the creation of art-from process, to techniques, ideas-to other artists she likes, and last, but definitly NOT least, is her own varied collection of work.(found here)
Abstract,colorful, and unique are just a few words that come to mind.
Check her out...I won't even say I told you so...

"beneath the Dust"

Acrylic on 18"x24" paper w/ a half inch white border around entire piece.COA by EBSQ.
Rustic, warm, earthy colors. Loaded with texture. Finished with UV protective Gloss varnish.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Prayers for Paint

Acrylic paints & mediums over a highly textured quality canvas -20"x24". Finished with UV protective gloss varnish.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Acrylic on 11"x14" canvas board. Finished with UV protective varnish. COA from Ebsq.
Purchasing info:

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Color of Myth

Acrylic on 18"x24" 200lb. rough paper. Iridescent,interference, and Golden Molding paste gives this painting textured elements, and movement within the colors themselves.
Finished with UV protective
gloss varnish. COA by EBSQ.

For Purchasing Info:

Cutting Corners

Hello! It feels like it has been to long-since adding a new piece.

This is acrylics on 18"x24" heavy paper, with a half inch white border around the entire piece. Finished with two coats of a UV protective gloss varnish. COA from EBSQ.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Artist of the Month Interview still up...

Just a reminder...
For anyone who missed March's 2008 "Interview with an Artist- A conversation with NYC's Painter, Julianne Richards...."
And would like to read an in-depth look at the artistic process both Psychologically and my own personally, just click:
Please feel free to leave a comment- it is going to be re-published this autumn in (a surprise) Arts journal-comments included!

#1 Artwork featured on:

On June 21st,
This Artwork will be featured all day on the homepage of
We're pleased to have you as part of the ArtsCad family!
Acrylic on 22"x30" on Paper
This is the second time this piece has been featured (on this site) in ten days.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Just did this...may very well be "a work in progress....."
It is on 300lb 22"x30" rough paper.
Any comments are welcome...
I really like this New paper from Arches.... Large sizes, HEAVY enough to really lay down some paint. I gessoed both sides, the back once, the front twice. The edges are deckled. This paper is of very good quality; and expensive as well. I do like it, though. During the painting process, and after there was not a single curl or crinkle in this paper. I am sure the gesso made a big difference, even if it is heavy weight.

Friday, June 06, 2008

"Taking sides"

Acrylic on 22"x 7/8"x 28" gallery wrapped, back-stapled canvas.All four sides are painted, so it is ready to hang "as is."All the colors are mixed with iridescent/interference fluid acrylics (Golden), giving this painting a shimmer and spark among the movement of the brush strokes. Finished with two coats of UV protective gloss varnish. COA from Ebsq. $275.00
For purchasing info:

Friday, May 23, 2008

One thousand rainbows

More acrylic interference paints(Golden's Fluid interference acrylics) mixed with primary acrylics. This is on heavy 18"x24" paper with a UV protective gloss varnish. It also has a half inch white border around the entire piece. It is signed ,dated, and titled on the back of the piece.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Trails of gold..."

Acrylic interference paints(Golden's Fluid) mixed with primary acrylic paints, which together created all sorts of tones and colors that I have (and am very inspired by) been experimenting with lately. This is on gallery wrapped, back-stapled canvas, finished with a UV protective gloss varnish. It is signed ,dated, and titled on the back of the piece. It is 16"x20" with 7/8" depth. It may not give its actual depth, or really show the lighter reflective tones on certain monitors. It can look quite a bit darker than it already is. But it the foundation is dark, which is new for me. I usually work lighter and build upon layers. Just trying new things....COA from Ebsq.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The dancing forest

Acrylics on paper 9"x12" interference/iridescent paints make the trees seem like they are shimmering copper against magenta with streaks of silver and violet...Finished with UV protective Gloss varnish. COA from EBSQ.

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acrylic on canvas 16x20, gloss finsh