Monday, October 20, 2008


This is the second painting in a series of "Textural Abstracts." It is on quality heavy (300 lbs) paper 15"x20." From gold-leaf, acrylic interference green and gold paint, to heavy gloss and matte gels, this is earth tones mixed with shimmers of colors and peaks of texture throughout the painting. The edges are burnt umber and sienna with a grid-"comb-like" texture-that goes around the entire piece.
COA from Ebsq.
If interested click: HERE


  1. Ohhh, again a lovely one, Julianne. You really have a way with the "shimmering" paint, to be sure. I really love this a rather reminds me of a city map of old. Can you see that?

    Love the lines!

  2. I agree... this is amazing... really cool

  3. Thank you so much, to both Kim and Sylvia.
    I have so much work to finish, as this "series" I have started is quite challenging, and definitely takes much more time to complete each piece. However, I needed this experience. And on that note, it's back to work...


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acrylic on canvas 16x20, gloss finsh