Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mini-abstract # 9 (touch-up!!)

I added just a wee bit more...
Nothing drastic-
A touch of colored penciling around the center image. I knew it needed "something."
But I wanted to get the right idea since there is already plenty going on in this painting-the touch-up had to be subtle and simple.
The image just "fits" better now-surrounded by many "touches" of colors....
Only 75$ (plus shipping)
Email me HERE , if interested

Pushing Art (touch -up!)

So this is the same piece, but with some new additions...
As you can see I used colored pencils around the print transfer of "Winter." Better? Worse??
I also did a similar technique on the next painting....
Same price, just more color!

Mini-abstract # 15

This is the last charcoal and pastel which I used as a transfer in my own mini abstract series. You could say it is a painting within a painting...The text is from a very old (1908) Webster's Pocket Dictionary, transferred onto a 5"x7"canvas panel. after glazing I used colored pencils in a geometric effect with the "limber" print centered and transferred, among more transfers....A "collage" type creation maybe??
ONLY $65.00 (plus shipping)
Email me HERE if interested.
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acrylic on canvas 16x20, gloss finsh