Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mini-abstract # 9 (touch-up!!)

I added just a wee bit more...
Nothing drastic-
A touch of colored penciling around the center image. I knew it needed "something."
But I wanted to get the right idea since there is already plenty going on in this painting-the touch-up had to be subtle and simple.
The image just "fits" better now-surrounded by many "touches" of colors....
Only 75$ (plus shipping)
Email me HERE , if interested


  1. Rich, rich works, Julianne!

  2. Very cool work, Julianne!

  3. Thanks Casey and Don. Though the pieces are small in size, they are fun to create with the vibrant colors, etc.

  4. Nice Painting, This is a very attractive painting and used water color paint by the artist. For more information about watercolor painting you can visit:


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acrylic on canvas 16x20, gloss finsh