Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Casey Klahn-Characteristics and Goals"

Casey Klahn, the talented pastelist and artist, is doing a series of posts that are as interesting as they are informative. He has a whole section on Matisse and Integrity-to this week on "Characteristics and Goals." Well worth reading!!
Here is a small part from today's post:
by Casey Klahn

In the post, Characteristics & Goals, we began a path of exploring some traits that it would behoove the fine artist to acquire. See the traits posts here.

The artist that I aspire to be has:

Creative Integrity
Self Understanding


Matisse said something to the order of, "Make your lines decisive!" Unfortunately I have lost the attribution to this quote, but our great Modernist is known for his superb rendering of the simple, graceful and purposeful line.

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