Monday, December 15, 2008

Language of Time

This is a painting on 300lb heavy, quality paper-22"x30".
After applying
Gesso on both sides, I laid a base coat of Umber, crimson, & Golden's fluid interference green- and then sanded it while still slightly wet.
After letting it dry, I applied different colors, a string gel medium (you can actually pour on -consistency is like honey) and then an acrylic glaze. Some steps I repeated. This may still be a work in progress...


  1. Julianne! OMG this is fantastic and what a grand direction you are taking your art! The effect of the slight sanding makes a wonderful texture and color change...I love the warmth of it. And have you then pumped up a bit of color after the tar gel? Whatever you have done, I adore it!

    As always beautiful, beautiful work!

  2. Thanks so much Kim!! I am still "absorbing" this piece, as I needed to just observe it for a bit. I started this series "Textural Abstracts" the last week in October of this year...and thirteen paintings later, the series itself though ending, is slowly merging into my style. Hasn't been easy, and I am far where I would like to be, but then, it is the journey that matters... not the expectations of what it "should be."
    Happy Holidays.
    Stay in touch.

  3. Cool piece Julianne. I love watching your journey...

  4. Carissa!!
    It's so nice to hear from you!!
    I hope you have a great holiday- I am going home for first time-I will reply via email-thanks so much for dropping by-


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acrylic on canvas 16x20, gloss finsh