Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Signs of History

I have several more finished paintings from my series "Textural Abstracts" that are finished and in need of uploading...This is on High quality, 260Lb heavy paper 15"x20" with Lots of texture. Acrylic colors are Umber, Sienna with Gold and interference Greens, and yellow ochre with gold and more Raw sienna...A little bit Cerulean blue is coming through-as my first base coat was cooler tones, until adding the many layers of aforementioned colors...
Finished w/ UV protective gloss varnish.
Certified Authentic by Ebsq-and comes with COA.

Only $175.00
(plus shipping)
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  1. Julianne, these are really wonderful. I love the ancient quality of them and the inference reminds me a lot of sand the way you are using it.

    I am also enjoying your new newsletter! Thank you for the shout out, too. Very Cool!

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  3. Hi Kim!
    I have two more that are ready to be uploaded-Wrapping up my "Textural Abstracts" Series.
    Thank you so much for your generous comments and friendship-It Matters!!

  4. It is because of luck that I bumped into your blog...I am very much impressed and inspired by your artworks.......My name is Bong, also an artist but at present i have few artworks..for the reason of scarcity of materials to work on... but that wont stop me of becoming a good artist.... I thank you for the inspiration... visit my blog at this site... www.leorenaissance.blogspot.com and hope to communicate with you again.... this is my email address leorenaissance@gmail.com or evarrafael@yahoo.com

  5. Hi, Julianne I am back! It is good to see that you are doing well. I hope to get in touch with you soon.
    You can email me at zybrfnk@easy.com or csebyanics@aol.com I hope to hear from you soon. Caio!


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acrylic on canvas 16x20, gloss finsh