Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tornado in box

Acrylic paint and mediums on 16"x20" back stapled canvas.
Antique gold, gold, umber, Golden's fluid acrylic Azo gold, fluid Nickel Azo yellow, and fluid iridescent gold made a base, unmixed, and full of streaks to let dry. This is an abstract painting in what I would call its most rudimentary form. No forethought, no planning- i painted completely unstructured. I later returned to it and added some pale olive with just a touch of turquoise, golds, and interference green. The black textured "string gel," intertwined with a copper colored gel medium, has me still passing by it as I work on other paintings, pausing with the thought-Is this done? Or in need of a total makeover??


  1. I do not think you need a total make over at all. This is a grand piece and it shows a great deal of personality and emotion. I really love how you have used the unmixed paint on the background to show a some fabulous strokes...the touch of blues pulls it all together!

    Again, I love it!

    Julianne...I wish for you a Fabulous, Delightful, Prosperous and Happy 2009 Full of Love!



  2. Kim to the rescue-We'll see about this one.
    As always, I love your comments! Thanks so much.
    Have a great Year.


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acrylic on canvas 16x20, gloss finsh