Sunday, June 08, 2008


Just did this...may very well be "a work in progress....."
It is on 300lb 22"x30" rough paper.
Any comments are welcome...
I really like this New paper from Arches.... Large sizes, HEAVY enough to really lay down some paint. I gessoed both sides, the back once, the front twice. The edges are deckled. This paper is of very good quality; and expensive as well. I do like it, though. During the painting process, and after there was not a single curl or crinkle in this paper. I am sure the gesso made a big difference, even if it is heavy weight.


  1. Great color choices, Julianne. And the composition pleases me. I think you're groovin' here!

  2. Hey there my favorite pastelist "Extraordinare!"
    So nice of you to drop by and throw some encouraging words my way...Then I looked at your profile and with the amount of blogs you are now involved with, I must ask, Where do you find the time??? Amazing. Multi-taskin'-multi-talented, Ahem: Pastelist Extraordinare.
    Thanks and be well-from one coast to another,

  3. Julianne,

    This one is quite different from you. I really like it, though. The colors are awesome and I love the way you have moved the lines and rectangles across the paper with just the very hint of an oval...almost an eye!

    The gesso technique is excellent. Thank you so much for sharing that here. So the paper is the heaviest Arches makes? Do you have these framed or are they sold unframed?

    This is quite wonderful, my friend!


  4. Hey Kim.
    Yes, it is 300Lb, rough textured, and 22"x30" in size. They now make them even bigger. I read this great article by this woman, and I got all these new tips and ideas...stuff that really will change the final outcome of one's process. She actually gessos the back with black gesso-which I do have, but have never used.
    As far as framing, I would certainly recommend it.
    It isn't has deckled edges, and can really handle a good bit of scrubbing, or techniques adding texture that might normally be to harsh. The only downside is that it is ten dollars or more, PER sheet. However, if you are buying it online, I am pretty sure you could get better deals purchasing volume.
    Change of Subject: I still don't feel that this piece is finished though. The comments help.

  5. Julianne,

    I like this idea of the gessoing of the paper. Even at $10/sheet it isn't the cost of a canvas of the same size...and if you ship it unframed...well, that just might be a positive aspect. You are very generous to share this idea. I think it could be very useful with some further explorations. I am wondering if you just gessoed the back if you could get the same feel as you would with watercolor paper? Oh, I suppose I am just thinking here.

    Really great painting...but I can't wait to see what you have in mind for it later, too.

    Thanks Julianne!


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