Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blue Jays

Using pumice stone and molding pastes (by Golden),
I added some color while the mediums were still wet and using the other end of the paint brush-the handle side
I drew into the "mash" lines and curves until I had the birds-as good as I could since the mixture was drying fast...And then I let it dry and brought it to my blog-as something a bit different...
Only $75.00 (shipping included)
Email me HERE
COA by Ebsq.


  1. ...and something truly wonderful. I love this, Julianne! And to share how you accomplished this was very generous, too. I truly do love this composition, but I am going to have to contemplate it more, as well. There is a great deal here to look at! And the touch of I perfect!

    Very Impressive!

  2. Thanks Kim...i also changed my blog's backround color. I am still deciding on it.
    I ordered all these acrylic mediums from Blick so I will be playing with my new "toys" for some time...molding paste,gels, retarder, pumice stone, gold leaf...and more. Yeah! Fun!!
    Hugs xoxooox


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acrylic on canvas 16x20, gloss finsh