Sunday, February 11, 2007

Just a an update...

Hello, to any and all the people who have commented, and encouraged me to continue when I have been "feeling sorry for myself-
the artists cycle of 'self doubt" i put into words in my blog. Thanks all for the encouragement.

On another subject, I am just checking in to say I have begun working in some new formats--from iridescent colors and the blending of them with primary colors, and bring these color schemes to canvases; and they are quite a step in size, with several nearly finished. They are just about finished-with most just needing a final gloss varnish and I shall upload them upon choosing the appropriate pieces.
So, this winter is turning into a productive period after all. It is , "the lovely month of "February" that has my full dedication to canvas, new colors, and experimenting with my approach and mediums. I will be back soon, with the new pieces to show. Thanks to everyone who follows my blog-and feel free to write, comment, and JOIN my mailing list! Thanks again.

Your humble creative conduit,
Julianne Richards

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acrylic on canvas 16x20, gloss finsh