Friday, October 12, 2007

the value of silence

Acrylic on canvas-
22"x28" 3/4 depth. Quality wrapped canvas,ebsq certifide. UV gloss varnish added for protection. A gem!!


  1. Hello Juliaane
    Hope your fine
    I visited your web site today i think youve added new artwork!!i loved them all all of them are great, awesome colors,touching !!
    Mariana d
    Have a nice week end!!!

  2. Ohhh how pretty! Wonderful shapes! What a great piece! *HUGS*

  3. Great color and composition! Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks to all for the words of encouragement-it's genuinely appreciated-stop by again soon.

  5. Hey Girrrrrl! I love this work. The combo of circle and straight line makes for a wonderful vibrant painting. How's life? Hope all is well in your world. Love to you.

  6. Many apologies for not replying to your e-mail I am afraid I had a terrible computer crash and lost everything (article about this on my blog!). It has taken me a few weeks to recover and had to buy a new PC.

    I think this colour background shows off your work much better than the black or light grey you tried.

    If you still have the e-mail will you re-send it so I can reply properly! I remember that you mentioned something about your music too!


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acrylic on canvas 16x20, gloss finsh