Friday, January 04, 2008

It is a New Year....

With every passing year, the actual date, the undeniable and predictable "31st" of every December before, and all the ones yet still to come, brings about a mixture of feelings, emotions, and reflections on another year and its passing. I prefer to make it more reflective, and make the transition into the New Year one of goals I would like to move towards, and for me, most importantly, the over-all applying of simply (though not always so simple) being a better, person. Which, for me means: being more patient, more open-minded, and a listener-one of my biggest challenges.
I write daily, and for a long time my writings were more like lists of "I want..." And many of those lists did pan out, some almost exactly according to the very demands I wrote.
But as the famous saying goes,
".......Be CAREFUL what YOU wish for....."
These days I don't write list of demands, or desires, (okay maybe one, or two) but, I try and focus on whatever it is I am supposed to be doing, and may I do the best job i can, and give back a little, to a world full of hunger, disease, and neglect. And with that, I can rest my head at the end of the day knowing, I might just be a little bit closer to easing someone, somewhere, and a tiny bit of their pain in a world full of millions, many not even fortunate enough for the very bread to fill their stomach.
It is on this note that I would like to start the New Year of 2008 with a clear mind and vision, to paint, create, and share these endeavors with all those equally-unfortunate and fortunate, you are all, part of the artist process, simply by BEING alive in the here and the now.


  1. So beautifully said! I do not do resolutions either but prefer to focus on the path laid before me. I have intentions and work to remain postive and affirmative, but I also work to stay focused on the unfolding of my life. For me, that works so much better than fighting or struggling for something my ego thinks is right for me.

    As always, your posts are inspiring and challenge me to take a closer look.

    Thank you!


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  4. Happy New year to you! I too do not make resoultions, I take on Missions (it works better for my adventure seeking soul). Missions can not be failed they can be interupted or changed but they don't fail because they are flexible in nature.
    Love the post, and just wanted to start the new year by saying hi and I was thinking of you.
    Listen up! :)


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