Sunday, March 16, 2008

An interview at:

March 2008-
Kim's Rodeffer Funk's "Artist of the Month:"
In an interview with Julianne Richards aka "The Colorspeaker," Kim Rodeffer Funk gives compelling insight into Julianne and some of the artists she is inspired by... (archived link):
March 13th 2008 Casey Klahn of( writes:
"Glad to see Julianne Richards, The Colorspeaker, receiving great press. She deserves it. And, I hold her interview by Kim Rodeffer Funk
up as the way it should be done. Now I know more about Richards, and her art. Thanks for mentioning me there, Julianne. I appreciate it." writes (my favorite)
"Pastelist Extraordinare" Casey Klahn.
Thank you Casey,

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  1. It has been a great pleasure to do this interview with you, Julianne! I hope the experience was as positive for you as it was for me!

    Thank You!


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