Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mone' Musel:Mayan SunSpell

I decided to begin my introduction to this artist by posting the first of several paintings I personally connect with. Mone' has made it clear that I should just pick the paintings I like;I had one request that I could not do myself , however; And that is a picture of this artist herself. I then realized she is simply shy, and though she creates these large enigmatic paintings, she is quite private.I can understand this very much, and will do my best to respect her privacy.However, I also believe in this artist and her talents, and that alone deserves what I aim to do this week:
Title: MayanSunSpell
Size: 30" x 30" x1.5"
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Price: Sold
Year: Mone' Musel ©2008

This painting I just love for several reasons.The colors are seductively inviting and warm. The quality of the substrate (canvas) itself is wonderfully evident; with the dark tones around the entire piece continuing around all four sides is not only so that it can be hung without framing, it actually frames and centers the entire painting with the dark color.With a vital simplicity reminiscent of Rothko's late works, it is the thick application and layers of paint that add texture, depth, and a unique duality: a dark and light mood exist simultaneously. "Complexity in the Abstract."

*Note: Though this piece is sold, she offers high quality re-productions (Giclees) of many of her works. The title of this post is a direct link to this featured painting on her website. Simply click on the title and you will go straight there.
by Julianne Richards


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  2. I am very impressed with Mone's works. A surprisingly large proportion of them appeal to my eye. I am sure she is doing very well, but things are going to get even better for her.

    Rod Turner
    Chairman and CEO


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